Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead 2014

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) แมดแบร์รี่ ถล่มซอมบี้ ผีแก๊สโซฮอล์

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead  Alongside his wife Annie, Mechanic Barry as along with their daughter Meganne is a resident of the Australian Outback. Barry’s sister Brooke is attacked by her assistant model in her Bulla Victoria studio during a meteor Shower. She phoned Barry and advises Barry to get out of the city. Barry, Annie, and Meganne don gas masks and fight for their vehicle. Meganne, Annie and Barry are infected by the gas masks and turn into zombies. Barry has to take them out with an ax. He is unable to find nails before he is able to kill himself.

Chalker Another survivor spots Barry and takes him to the hospital when Barry attempted to kill himself using Chalker’s gun. Barry asks Chalker for assistance in bringing him to Brooke’s Studio. He doesn’t know that a paramilitary group has taken Barry prisoner in the back seat of a vehicle, which is a mobile laboratory for mad scientist Doc. Chalker’s truck suddenly ceases to function while Doc conducts tests on Brooke and the zombies. Chalker and Barry continue to walk, and Benny another survivor accidentally kills Chalker. Barry and Benny who previously been forced to kill their brother infected together, find an unmanned garage with Frank and his assistant. Frank states that all liquids that could ignite were thrown out. However, the group finds that blood and zombie breath are flammable and come up with a zombie powered engine. In the course of their escape, Frank’s assistant becomes infected and is utilized as fuel.

Frank, Benny and Barry discover that zombies don’t inhale gas that is flammable during the night. They can run faster since they no longer inhale an flammable gas at night. Barry accepts that Frank is going to be killed. Benny and Barry meet in an electric vehicle to discover more about the disease. Brooke is believed to be in a nearby prison. Brooke then learns that she can control zombies with research and kills Doc.

Barry’s vehicle stalls when soldiers killed the zombie who is driving the truck. When they make a pit stop to Brooke to retrieve them a zombie, Benny is injured in the stomach. After they stop to aid Benny and then the soldiers appear up and drag them down. The soldiers announce that their plans to take out Brooke and then take her head and hand it over to the commander officer. Barry plans to kill the entire group with an explosion, however Benny instead sacrifices himself and turns into a zombie so Brooke can control him to defeat the soldiers. Brooke is shot in the chest by the captain after killing two of three soldiers. Barry confronts the captain during a fight and is shot at the end after the captain has pulled his gun. After killing a zombie, captain’s face, the captain’s face is covered with zombie blood , and Barry is able to ignite his head using the matches. Before Barry can shoot him, Brooke rises and commands zombies to devour the captain alive.

As they travel back on the road, Barry and Brooke come to the truck. They ask soldiers to clarify what they have in the rear of the truck. Brooke decides to form a new army of zombies to assault them and tear them apart in the event that they do not respond.